Content Management (Drupal, DotNetNuke & Joomla)

An effective web presence is the first and mandatory step for an organization in today's globalized business scenario. Outdated content or flawed design is a big turn-off for a potential customer. Hence, it is mandatory to have a robust web content management system that helps you add/edit/update content easily anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Fast and easy content and design updates through a web content management system will give you a competitive edge, so that you may use your website as the most effective communication tool.

Our specialization:

BNK offers a wide range of content management solutions which can be fully customized and seamlessly integrated with your existing systems for round-the-clock content management.

  • Drupal: Known for its powerful taxonomy and ability to tag, categorize and organize complex content.

  • DotNetNuke: Designed for high performance, and includes built in support for web farms.

  • Joomla: Won the Packt Publishing Best Open Source CMS two years in a row.

We have successfully customized and delivered web and mobile sites using the above technologies and are considered leaders in the field.

Key features:

  • Easy to use; user friendly interface.
  • Redesigning and creation of web pages, section and sub-sections.
  • No restriction on creating new navigational links and putting those to text, images and blocks. Users can link these to internal/external pages or uploaded files.
  • Multilingual content possibilities.
  • Browser-based WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing and publishing.
  • Changes to Web pages or documents can be immediately posted.
  • Hassle-free website management as only static pages are created and there is no need of configuring and maintaining a database.
  • Ideal for future developments and scalability.